Premachi goshta marathi movie review


Olya Sanjveli Unhe Savlis Bilgavi Tashi TU Javal Ye Jaraa..
Korya Kagdachi Kavita ann jashi Vhavi Tashi TU halke Bol Naaaa..
Just feel the magic words....

After bp Eka premachi goshta making businesses.The movie directed by Satish Rajwade. starring Atul Kulkarni and Sagarika Ghatge in lead roles and other Rohini Hattangadi,Sulekha Talwalkar,Meera Welankar,Ajay Purkar,Satish Rajwade.

Premachi goshta Movie review
The story of the film based upon two strangers who meet in a Family court, start talking with each other's and get to know each other. Sagarika Ghatge plays a role of Sonal helps Atul Kulkarni who is playing role of Ram Subramaniam. Ram is Script writter and Sonal helps him to complete his script. In this process Sonal Fall in love with Ram. But Ram waits for his wife Sulekha Talwalkar playing a role of Ragini. Its simple love and cute love story. 

            Atul Kulkarni once again showed how brilliant  actor he is. He can play any kind of roles. After his awesome performance in 'Natrang'  he has given a full justice to his role as romantic hero.  With this character he came out of his serious role actor image. Sagarika Ghatge yes the girl who played a remarkable role of Preeti Sabarwal in Chak De! India. She plays depressed and nervous women in starting stage of Premachi Gosht. But soon she start to enjoy life and be happy in a movie.

Premachi goshta songs

  • Olya Sanjveli (Duet)         
  • Olya Sanjveli (Unplugged)             
  • Haravto Sukhacha

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